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  • The Top 15 Horror Films of 2015
    Posted on 21 dicembre 2015 at 21:17

    Be prepared to see a few unorthodox picks land on this list. You wont find the usual suspects like It Follows (a good but not great film in my opinion) Crimson Peak (which somehow won the masses over) or Unfriended (which I consider a complete dud) earn note in this article. No we like to think outside the box a bit and we select films on what they do for us emotionally rather than siding with the voice of the general public. […]

  • Video 350 Pound JackoLantern Terrorizes Arizona Residents
    Posted on 30 ottobre 2015 at 19:07

    According to a local news report which youll be able to see below and features footage of this nightmarish inflatable the mammoth Halloween decoration took out street lights and played lessthannice with a number of cars in the middle of a busy intersection. Had traffic been moving at a faster rate this could have actually led to a casualty or two. […]

  • Western Horror to Watch this Halloween
    Posted on 30 ottobre 2015 at 19:07

    Our favorite holiday is here. The next 48 hours will be glorious for all those who love to vegetate in front of the television and soak up all the terror possible. Generally we highlight goto seasonal films but we thought wed throw you a quick curveball today and recommend a handful of insanely good western themed horror films that will make for a nice change of pace in your Halloween lineu […]

  • Rob Zombie and John Carpenter Join Forces to Bring You a New Halloween
    Posted on 30 ottobre 2015 at 18:51

    What if Rob Zombie had actually teamed up with John Carpenter in 1978 to codirect Carpenters breakout hit Halloween It would have been awesome right Well were not entirely sure. But we are sure that this little mashup video that brings the style of Carpenters film with the insanity of Zombies directorial style together is an entertaining little piece of footage. […]

  • 8 Things You Might Now Know About Halloween
    Posted on 29 ottobre 2015 at 23:08

    Halloween is full of surprises. Maybe its a miniature Jason Voorhees knocking on your door a muffled trick or treat oozing from the holes in his hockey mask. Maybe its the absurdly intricate designs that folks have taken to carving in pumpkins. Perhaps its the tame years in which we hear next to zero sirens wailing through the night on a night youd expect nothing but wailing sirens. Maybe its the annual toga party no undergarments allowed that happens to be unravelling just two doors down. The surprises certainly abound on October 31st. These eight facts however may be completely foreign to you […]

  • Ash vs Evil Dead Premiere Episode Review
    Posted on 29 ottobre 2015 at 17:27

    At last. Weve been waiting for a long time for Ashs return and this Halloween Starz is gonna deliver and how The premiere episode is entitled El Jefe (meaning the boss or the chief) and Ill give you one guess as to who takes on that moniker as the show gets underway. […]

  • American Horror Story Hotel Devils Night Review
    Posted on 29 ottobre 2015 at 17:15

    Its unfortunate that the Serial Killer Soire was the razorblade apple in a mix of great treats from this weeks episode. However this was just Devils Night after all. Perhaps the real treats are still to come in the second part of the twopart Halloween episode. […]

  • Ash vs Evil Dead Already Renewed for Season 2
    Posted on 29 ottobre 2015 at 0:50

    Cable series earning season two greenlights prior to the airing of their inaugural season isnt necessarily unheard of business. However it is a good sign. Especially for a show like Ash vs Evil Dead. Its a sign that fan anticipation has caught the attention of Starz and its a sign that Starz is uber impressed with what theyve seen of Ash vs Evil Dead. […]

  • Meet Grannybal Lecter the Real Life ManEating Grandma
    Posted on 28 ottobre 2015 at 18:33

    The UKs Daily Star helped bring the Russian grandmothers story to light after she was arrested this week for killing her 79yearold friend. CCTV footage that showed her hauling the elderly womans body parts around in a plastic bag made the arrest possible. The womans remaining body parts were discovered shortly thereafter at a nearby pond. […]

  • The Walking Dead season 6 Episode 3 Thank You Review
    Posted on 27 ottobre 2015 at 22:08

    The final few minutes of the episode are somewhat slow. Our survivors continue to trudge on Michonne and Heath serving as the powerful forces at the front of the pack. We see that Rick has gotten the RV up and running and he too is on the move. And then we see a few random Wolves show up attempting to end Ricks life and claim his RV. That doesnt work out too well. Rick murders the savages and while that may serve as a shining moment in any other episode of The Walking Dead it doesnt do too much to move us this week. […] : Horror Movie Reviews The Best Horror Movies, Horror News, Reviews, Top 100, Upcoming Horror Movies

  • Silent Retreat (2016) Review
    Posted on 16 febbraio 2016 at 22:01

    Despite a few good things (technical work and passable performances) its best you make a hasty retreat from this bland horror offering loudly or silently its your choice. There are far better ways to spend an hour and a half. […]

  • Mosquito (1995) Review
    Posted on 24 ottobre 2015 at 0:33

    Mosquito was always greeted by negative criticism but its a grand flick to take in. Again it isnt to be taken seriously but it is a rewarding package that open minded film buffs are really going to get a hoot out of it. Regardless what youve heard or read of Mosquito you should most certainly check out this cult classic. Its a bad ass picture in an unorthodox manner […]

  • Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension (2015) Review
    Posted on 23 ottobre 2015 at 18:11

    Its the sixth and supposedly final installment in this longrunning and ubersuccessful horror franchise. Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension is a worthy and fun finale to a sometimes goodsometimes notsogood series which has played out over the last eight years. […]

  • They Look Like People (2015) Review
    Posted on 23 ottobre 2015 at 16:29

    If you had the pleasure of seeing the stellar indie hit from 2012 Resolution youll easily recognize the similarities to the strongest aspects of They Look Like People which was an official selection for the 2015 Screamfest Film Festival. Like Resolution at the heart of They Look Like People is an endearing bromance between two longtime friends one on the edge of losing themselves and the other more settled and stable determined to be there for their struggling buddy. […]

  • The Vatican Tapes DVD Release (2015) Review
    Posted on 20 ottobre 2015 at 18:17

    The Vatican Tapes is much different from the many possessiontype movies horror freaks have been treated to over recent years. This film is very well done in terms of cinematography and the activing is first rate and it actually appears the film had some budget. […]

  • The Blood Lands (2015) Review
    Posted on 19 ottobre 2015 at 22:21

    Dont let the silence surrounding the picture fool you The Blood Lands is a fine film that deserves mention among the stronger home invasion features out there. It may never pick up the following of The Strangers or Youre Next but it isnt a film to dismiss as Bmovie forgetfulness. It isnt a movie to skip. This is a quality picture thick on tension and heavy on chills. Tune in now the movie just went live on Netflixs streaming service and this one will work well to leave you disconcerted during the Halloween season […]

  • Naciye (2015) Review
    Posted on 17 ottobre 2015 at 4:17

    Its pronounced NAHjeeuh and its a Turkish film enjoying its world premiere at the 2015 Screamfest Film Festival. And frankly youll want to keep your eyes peeled for any chance you might have to view it whether its sometime down the line on DVDVOD or playing in a festival near you. Bengi (Esin Harvey) is about eight months pregnant and having sort of a tough go at it. So her baby daddy (or is he) Bertran (Gorkem Mertsoz) decides to rent a house on an island off the coast of Turkey where they can escape the city and relax for the last couple of months of the pregnancy. Problem is someones already living there and that someone is Naciye (Derya Alabora). Naciye grew up and grew old in this house and the fact that s […]

  • Curve (2015) Review
    Posted on 17 ottobre 2015 at 2:43

    If youve read Stephen Kings brilliant novel Geralds Game youve got a pretty good idea of the setup for one of Blumhouses latest additions to the thrillerhorror pantheon Curve. Mallory (Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars and the Footloose remake) is leaving behind her life and her beloved sister (The Fear of Darkness Penelope Mitchell) in San Francisco driving herself and her fiance Brads ancient Ford Bronco to Denver where theyll reunite to be married and begin their new life together. The vehicle breaks down as she takes a scenic mountain canyon road and shes helped out by a shirtless and hunky hitchhiker (American Horror Storys Teddy Sears). Against her better judgement she offers him a lift and it a […]

  • Unnatural (2015) Review
    Posted on 16 ottobre 2015 at 23:22

    Named as one of this years 8 Horror Films to Die For Unnatural comes to us from director Hank Braxtan (director behind last years very fun Chemical Peel). Hes back to his old tricks with this new film and putting a mismatched group of hapless folks into an enclosed space and an inescapable situation. This time instead of a microscopic flesheating chemical spill we have an oversized flesheating bear […]

  • Hangman (2015) Review
    Posted on 15 ottobre 2015 at 22:34

    Thats my best guess at how to actually write the sound of a broken record. Cause Michael (yes I just mentioned myself in the third person) is about to say something hes stated time and time again as he takes a few moments to tell you about Hangman a new film from director Adam Mason which screened last night at the 2015 Screamfest Film Festival. […] : Horror Movie Interviews The Best Horror Movies, Horror News, Reviews, Top 100, Upcoming Horror Movies

  • Exclusive Guy Pigden on I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse with Pics and Video
    Posted on 13 ottobre 2014 at 5:56

    With New Zealand filmmaker Guy Pigdens feature I Survived a Zombie Holocaust premiering this coming Saturday October 18 at 1000pm in Los Angeles at the prestigious Screamfest Film Festival we chatted with him regarding the flick. Read on for our interview and have a look at the trailer and some stills for the horror comedy. […]

  • Exclusive Interview David Coggeshall Talks The Haunting in Connecticut 2
    Posted on 24 giugno 2013 at 1:02

    David Coggeshall hasnt completely carved out his way in the horror genre just yet. In fact hes a relative newcomer to this business with just a single major credit to his name. However that credit The Haunting in Connecticut 2 Ghosts of Georgia is a surprisingly entertaining sequel and Davids opened up to BHM about the project. This is a film that deserves to be recognized as its own animal not simply another followup to a successful picture and a lot of the credit is owed Coggeshall who lays a sturdy foundation. […]

  • Interview The Twisted Twins Sylvia and Jen Soska Talk American Mary
    Posted on 14 giugno 2013 at 15:45 recently had the absolute pleasure of talking with the Twisted Twins Sylvia and Jen Soska. They wrote directed and acted in one of the best horror films in recent memory the amazing and critically acclaimed American Mary. We got to talk about this suretobe modern classic and both women came off as complete sweethearts. […]

  • Amazons Zombieland Series cocreators Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick Spill It
    Posted on 27 aprile 2013 at 6:41

    Most have heard about Zombieland The Series at this point based on the popular ZomCom starring Woody Harrelson and premiering on Amazon video on demand. The Pilot is available for free viewing on Amazon and the weekly serial promises laughs and lots of zombie gore. With the pilot now available for viewing the horrorwatching public has been overflowing with questions both about what theyve seen and whats in store. BHM EditorinChief met Executive Producers and cocreators Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick on a call to talk about Zombieland The Series and learned a lot about what these two had planned for the original Zombieland movie what led to the changes that resulted in the film that all of us saw and a host of other topics. […]

  • Exclusive Interview Don Coscarelli on How Studio Bigshots Just Dont Get It
    Posted on 21 dicembre 2012 at 1:57

    Seven years after his last offering to the horrorwatching public Don Coscarelli is finally back in the spotlight with John Dies at the End an adaptation of the novel by David Wong. While talking with Don Sumner of Coscarelli had much to say about the story and why he chose to commit it to film. After a couple of highly rated but seldom viewed films in 1976 Coscarelli hit the horror scene with Phantasm in 1979 and made his mark as a Master of Horror. Phantasm is considered a classic of the genre to this day and The Tall Man and that deadly silver ball still haunt the nightmares of older and newer horror fans alike. […]

  • Exclusive Interview Sean Stones Graystone Park Opens the Door to Spirit Realm
    Posted on 22 ottobre 2012 at 16:04

    Sean Stone son of infamous director Oliver Stone launched his first feature film with Greystone Park. This found footage documentarystyle film has Sean and his friends Alex and Antoinette breaking into an abandoned mental asylum rumored to have a life of its own full of the negativity and insanity of the former occupants. Interestingly Stone claims that this story which results in ghostly sightings possession and general insanity is based on the true experiences he had when breaking into an actual place in New Jersey. […]

  • Exclusive Interview Joe Dante on The Hole and the Death of Movies
    Posted on 30 settembre 2012 at 8:05

    Joe Dante is an interesting character in the world of horror. After making his directorial debut in the Roger Corman film Piranha in 1978 which is surprisingly good he moved on to the classic werewolf film The Howling in 1981 and a segment in Twilight Zone The Movie a couple years later. When he directed Stephen Speilbergs Gremlins in 1984 his status as a Master of Horror was secured. With his new film The Hole finally out of limbo and releasing theatrically and on VOD Joe Dante is out and about talking about the flood of 3D clogging up the theaters and the future of cinema in the 21st century. […]

  • Exclusive Interview Leticia Dolera Talks to BHM about REC3 and Yoda...
    Posted on 15 agosto 2012 at 2:48

    Leticia Dolera is the sexy young bride whos big day is taken over by a hoard of infected flesh eaters invading her reception. Dolera BHM about stepping into a acting in Spain stepping into a successful franchise and the costar who dresses like Yoda. […]

  • Exclusive interview with Jeff Brookshire writerdirector of Awaken the Dead
    Posted on 7 agosto 2012 at 13:42 gets the lowdown from the Ministers son WriterDirector of Awaken the Dead. Now in postproduction and nearing a distribution contract this future horror movie represents the result when you combine a serious moviescript writer a Horror Freak and the son of a Presbyterian Minister. […]

  • Exclusive Interview Horror Fan Favorite Bill Moseley
    Posted on 7 agosto 2012 at 13:25

    Bill Moseley is a fan favorite in the horror genre and terrorizes fans in several mainstream and Indie films every year. With a number of horror films due for release in 2012 including The Devils Carnival Rogue River Exit Humanity and The Tortured Moseley is in the talking mood. During a conversation between BHM EditorinChief Don Sumner and Bill Moseley the topic was certain to get to Moseleys portrayal of the psychotic John Kozlowski in The Tortured but first where did this relatively unassuming man come from regarding horror and how did that elevate to such a vaulted status […] : Horror Movie Questions The Best Horror Movies, Horror News, Reviews, Top 100, Upcoming Horror Movies

  • Killer locks up himself and victim
    Posted on 14 aprile 2016 at 14:36

    I39ve been searching for a movie I saw when I was like 12 it was a foreign film. I remember there be... […]

  • Movie opens with Kid being killed
    Posted on 14 aprile 2016 at 14:36

    Don39t remember title or actors show or movie 9039s8039s. Movie opens with kid riding a bike in the ... […]

  • Horror Judge face falls off roller coster
    Posted on 14 aprile 2016 at 14:36

    Judge face falls off amp couple is force to ride a roller coster. A couple stops at this place or ge... […]

  • Woman drowned in sink by creature
    Posted on 14 aprile 2016 at 14:36

    There39s this old horror movie where this creature who lives in a lake or something drowned this nak... […]

  • Woman Falls Apart (physically)
    Posted on 17 febbraio 2016 at 23:21

    Hello I remember seeing this on late night television as a kid (in the 90s) and it scared the bejeez... […]

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